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Certified accountants regularly enrolled in the Register present the San Giorgio Service. Our head office is located in Parma. The customers come from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Lombardia and Veneto. We follow Italian branches of foreign companies. Many consumers take advantage of our online services, without physical presence in our office. The operability is directed towards:

  • Companies: capital companies LLC, V.Ltd, JSC, cooperative societies, CNS LP company and individual companies;
  • Industrialists, artisans and traders;
  • Professionals and associated studies;
  • No Profit bodies: Associations, ONLUS.

Specifically, we take care of both clients in ordinary accounting, financial statements, tax returns, consultancy, and practices in the Business Register. INPS, INAIL, Revenue Agency and extraordinary activities such as evaluation reports, transfer of company shares, consultancy in the company formation, liquidation, company extinction, mergers and demergers.

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Certified Public Accountants, by law, should possess technical skills in commercial, economic, financial, tax and accounting fields.

The title of Certified Accountant applies to those who pass the state exam (3 written tests and 1 oral exam). Before being eligible for the State exam, it is necessary to obtain a Master’s Degree in Economics and have undertaken a period of apprenticeship of at least 18 months with an already qualified professional. What are the strengths of accountants:

  • A specific course of study.
  • A state exam to verify the knowledge.
  • Constant updating on tax issues.
  • Mandatory insurance.
  • Verification by territorial orders.