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Company Consulting

Consulenza per ditte individuali Parma

We hold the necessary tools to detect all the facts concerning a company and therefore keep the accounting records in a correct way required by the civil and fiscal legislation (journal, inventory book, VAT register, social books), through the scrupulous management of documents that are periodically delivered for processing.

Accounting operations are accompanied with the related obligations such as: the periodic VAT payment and the related communication to customers for the payment, the constant update of the general accounting, the periodic delivery or at the request of interim financial statements that allow to evaluate the progress of the company, the printing of official registers, the processing and electronic transmission of periodic VAT declarations by the firm, which entails a considerable advantage for the client, who is not obliged to any further and moreover certain fulfillment of the formal correctness of the declaration presented.

Each customer can ask the study collaborators for any kind of clarification about the results of the accounting. Further fulfillment required by the current regulations regards the processing of the UNICO declaration, IRAP declaration, VAT declaration, sector studies.

The processing takes place in a timely manner and the delivery of the declaration model is always accompanied by a personal comment of our professionals about the final results and the outlook for the subsequent financial years.

Further comments on the declaration can then be requested at any time, both during the preparation of the declaration and afterwards.

Afterwards we carry out all the additional tax obligations that occur during the year (notice about the most important deadlines, preparation of the delegations for payments, etc.). At San Giorgio Service we hold a sector that deals with the complete management of human resources, from the process of hiring the employee to the termination of employment, with the implementation and completion of all legal aspects, social security and tax obligations, with the related processing of wages and contributions.

In particular, the services offered by the San Giorgio Service consist of consultancy in all its forms:

– periodic VAT settlements;

– invoice data communication (spent meter)

– management and complete administration of employees and quasi-subordinate employees;

– payroll processing, contributions and monthly obligations;

– assistance and consultancy at companies;

– fulfillment of all administrative and tax obligations related to employment relationships, from its

establishment to its termination;

– analysis of company staff and organizational charts;

– supply of instruments suitable for management control and preparation of personnel cost


– tax litigation;

– assistance with social security and welfare institutions and administrative management of social security litigation;

– management of labor disputes;

– telematic transmissions of the DM10 and EMENS.