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Fiscal Assistence


The Firm, based in Parma, has its origins in the professional activity started by professionals with a ten-year experience.

In addition to the partners there are collaborators and full-time professionals, both internal and external to the Firm such as: accountants, labor consultants and experts in corporate practices.

We are specialized in global consulting for clients and we act in a regional and national context. The scale of consultancy ranges from the classic accounting, tax and corporate areas to financial, tax and legal.

The main objective of the San Giorgio Service is to offer our clients a “complete and interdisciplinary consultancy tailored to their particular needs and continuative over time”, so that we can develop operative solutions concerning all the aspects that are object of request or in any case useful for customers.

The Firm is structured in 2 fundamental areas of intervention that provide updated and qualified services to a variety of subjects, from small to large companies, entities of various kinds and legal persons from the different business sectors and different legal forms:


Corporate consultancy area (company accounting, payroll processing, job consultancy)

Tax area (elaboration of all tax models thanks to an agreement with CAF ACAI)

Assistenza fiscale Equitalia Parma