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Artisans and traders

Artisans and traders are the foundation of the economics and productivity of the country. Small and medium-sized enterprises, individual companies or joint-stock companies, will find the Associated Accountants Firm as a partner that supports them to simplify the administrative and accounting process, freeing up resources for the production and / or marketing of its products and / or services.

We do not limit ourselves to accounting and tax activities only. We work alongside artisans and traders day by day to assist them in important choices.

Targeted consultancy allows the development of companies in the selection of the best investments for the best results in terms of tax savings and risk prevention.


  • Accounting, VAT settlements;
  • Financial statements processing;
  • Accounting Registers and Social Books;
  • Processing and submission of tax declarations and general tax consultancy;
  • Research and application of financing and tax relief;
  • Periodic situations and budget projections;
  • Business Plan;
  • Constitutions and transformations of partnerships of persons and capital;
  • Research and evaluation in the case of purchase or sale of companies;
  • Management of the practices in the Business Register, Revenue Agency, INPS, INAIL;
  • Field studies;
  • Relations with administrative and tax offices;
  • Assistance in tax audits;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Tax planning.

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