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Companies are the main form of businesses. From partnerships (CNS and LP), to corporations (L.L.C. – Ltd – L.P.S. – cooperatives), every entrepreneur can meet his needs.

The companies can be subdivided into two species: joint-stock companies and partnerships. The first to unlimited liability of shareholders, simple in management and streamlined in the administration. The second limited liability of shareholders, more complex in management and administration.

For the most structured business, setting up a company is the essential step to allow an adequate development of the activity and limit the business risks.

At the Associated Accountants Firm, we offer specific consultancy services for all the problems that may arise in the establishment, management and liquidation of companies, as well as in relationships between shareholders.


  • Assistance in the phase of constitutions and transformations of companies, partnerships, and Cooperatives;
  • Accounting, Financial Statements, Tax Declarations, and Tax Communications;
  • Study and drafting of statutes, and para-social pacts between shareholders;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Company liquidations:
  • Company administrations;
  • Evaluation in the case of purchase or sale of companies;
  • Business Plan;
  • Sale of shares in Ltd.;
  • Estimated sworn appraisals for the valuation of companies and assets;
  • TRUST and Trust Companies;
  • Assistance in the phase of withdrawal of shareholders;
  • Transformations, Mergers, Company Demergers.

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